About Us

Empowering Consumers to Make Better Choices

The NEbioproducts.org website and the bioproducts initiative were created by the Nebraska Soybean Board to make known the extensive range of soy-based and other bioproducts available to consumers and industry.

The Nebraska Soybean Board has long supported the research and development of exciting new products and materials made from soybeans. Soybeans alone account for an increasing number of bioproducts. Today you’ll find soy-based bioproducts in everything from ink toner, paint and cleaning products to carpet, insulation, seat foam and skin care products.

Today’s Consumers Want To Make A Difference

Through ongoing efforts to create new bioproducts and inform consumers about their advantages, research shows a vast majority of Nebraskans now embrace the concept of soy bioproducts as an environmentally-friendly, renewable resource offering a viable solution to reduce our reliance on petroleum. In fact, a 2010 survey of Nebraska citizens shows that 90% would prefer to purchase bioproducts in place of traditional chemical or petroleum based products for use in their daily lives.

If consumers make the right choices, bioproducts have the potential to replace petroleum-based materials with renewable, environmentally-friendly products and resources.

Therefore NEbioproducts.org and the Nebraska Soybean Board encourage consumers to seek out bioproducts in the purchase decisions they make every day!

Working In Partnership With The United Soybean Board (USB)

Both the Nebraska Soybean Board and the United Soybean Board invest in soy-based product development in an effort to increase demand for Nebraska and U.S. Soybeans. The research and development of new products and materials made from soybeans is a priority for the Nebraska Soybean Board.

To help consumers make smart purchasing decisions, the United Soybean Board (USB) produces a catalog of soybean-derived bioproducts. The catalog is available at www.soynewuses.org.